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Settings Class Reference

#include <settings.h>

Public Member Functions

 Settings ()
void init ()

Data Fields

std::string updateHost
std::string login
std::string oldUpdates
std::string updatesDir
std::string configDir
std::string localDataDir
std::string tempDir
std::string serverName
std::string screenshotDir
std::string onlineListUrl
std::string serverConfigDir
std::string usersDir
std::string usersIdDir
std::string npcsDir
std::string supportUrl
std::string logFileName
std::string rootDir
std::string windowCaption
std::string gmCommandSymbol
std::string gmCharCommandSymbol
std::string linkCommandSymbol
std::string userAgent
std::vector< std::string > updateMirrors
Options options
float guiAlpha
unsigned int textureSize
unsigned int moveType
unsigned int crazyMoveType
unsigned int moveToTargetType
unsigned int followMode
unsigned int attackWeaponType
unsigned int attackType
unsigned int quickDropCounter
unsigned int pickUpType
unsigned int magicAttackType
unsigned int pvpAttackType
unsigned int imitationMode
unsigned int cameraMode
unsigned int crazyMoveState
unsigned int targetingType
unsigned int overweightPercent
unsigned int fixedInventorySize
int playerNameOffset
int playerBadgeAtRightOffset
MapTypeT mapDrawType
EmoteTypeT emoteType
bool persistentIp
bool limitFps
KeyboardFocusT inputFocused
bool mouseFocused
bool disableGameModifiers
bool awayMode
bool pseudoAwayMode
bool fixDeadAnimation
bool disableLoggingInGame
bool enableRemoteCommands
bool uselonglivesprites
bool unknownSkillsAutoTab
bool enableNewMailSystem
bool showButtonIcons

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file settings.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Settings()

Settings::Settings ( )

Definition at line 40 of file settings.h.

40  :
41  updateHost(),
42  login(),
43  oldUpdates(),
44  updatesDir(),
45  configDir(),
46  localDataDir(),
47  tempDir(),
48  serverName(),
49  screenshotDir(),
50  onlineListUrl(),
52  usersDir(),
53  usersIdDir(),
54  npcsDir(),
55  supportUrl(),
56  logFileName(),
57  rootDir(),
58  windowCaption(),
59  gmCommandSymbol("@"),
61  linkCommandSymbol("="),
62  userAgent(),
63  updateMirrors(),
64  options(),
65  guiAlpha(1.0F),
66  textureSize(1024),
67  moveType(0U),
68  crazyMoveType(0U),
69  moveToTargetType(0U),
70  followMode(0U),
71  attackWeaponType(0U),
72  attackType(0U),
73  quickDropCounter(0U),
74  pickUpType(0U),
75  magicAttackType(0U),
76  pvpAttackType(0U),
77  imitationMode(0U),
78  cameraMode(0U),
79  crazyMoveState(0U),
80  targetingType(0U),
81  overweightPercent(50U),
82  fixedInventorySize(100U),
83  playerNameOffset(64),
87  persistentIp(true),
88  limitFps(false),
90  mouseFocused(true),
91  disableGameModifiers(false),
92  awayMode(false),
93  pseudoAwayMode(false),
94  fixDeadAnimation(true),
95  disableLoggingInGame(false),
97  uselonglivesprites(false),
99  enableNewMailSystem(true),
100  showButtonIcons(false)
101  { }
std::string onlineListUrl
Definition: settings.h:116
std::string tempDir
Definition: settings.h:113
unsigned int crazyMoveState
Definition: settings.h:145
unsigned int pickUpType
Definition: settings.h:140
bool fixDeadAnimation
Definition: settings.h:160
unsigned int overweightPercent
Definition: settings.h:147
bool enableNewMailSystem
Definition: settings.h:165
bool awayMode
Definition: settings.h:158
unsigned int crazyMoveType
Definition: settings.h:134
bool disableGameModifiers
Definition: settings.h:157
unsigned int imitationMode
Definition: settings.h:143
unsigned int magicAttackType
Definition: settings.h:141
std::string gmCharCommandSymbol
Definition: settings.h:126
bool disableLoggingInGame
Definition: settings.h:161
bool persistentIp
Definition: settings.h:153
std::string localDataDir
Definition: settings.h:112
unsigned int moveType
Definition: settings.h:133
std::string oldUpdates
Definition: settings.h:109
std::string rootDir
Definition: settings.h:123
bool limitFps
Definition: settings.h:154
std::string userAgent
Definition: settings.h:128
bool enableRemoteCommands
Definition: settings.h:162
std::string linkCommandSymbol
Definition: settings.h:127
unsigned int followMode
Definition: settings.h:136
EmoteTypeT emoteType
Definition: settings.h:152
float guiAlpha
Definition: settings.h:131
std::string gmCommandSymbol
Definition: settings.h:125
int playerNameOffset
Definition: settings.h:149
std::string serverName
Definition: settings.h:114
Options options
Definition: settings.h:130
std::string usersIdDir
Definition: settings.h:119
unsigned int quickDropCounter
Definition: settings.h:139
unsigned int cameraMode
Definition: settings.h:144
int playerBadgeAtRightOffset
Definition: settings.h:150
std::string updatesDir
Definition: settings.h:110
std::vector< std::string > updateMirrors
Definition: settings.h:129
bool uselonglivesprites
Definition: settings.h:163
bool mouseFocused
Definition: settings.h:156
unsigned int attackWeaponType
Definition: settings.h:137
KeyboardFocusT inputFocused
Definition: settings.h:155
unsigned int pvpAttackType
Definition: settings.h:142
bool unknownSkillsAutoTab
Definition: settings.h:164
unsigned int textureSize
Definition: settings.h:132
std::string configDir
Definition: settings.h:111
bool showButtonIcons
Definition: settings.h:166
std::string logFileName
Definition: settings.h:122
std::string windowCaption
Definition: settings.h:124
unsigned int targetingType
Definition: settings.h:146
std::string supportUrl
Definition: settings.h:121
bool pseudoAwayMode
Definition: settings.h:159
std::string screenshotDir
Definition: settings.h:115
MapTypeT mapDrawType
Definition: settings.h:151
unsigned int fixedInventorySize
Definition: settings.h:148
std::string serverConfigDir
Definition: settings.h:117
std::string updateHost
Definition: settings.h:107
std::string npcsDir
Definition: settings.h:120
std::string usersDir
Definition: settings.h:118
std::string login
Definition: settings.h:108
unsigned int moveToTargetType
Definition: settings.h:135
unsigned int attackType
Definition: settings.h:138
Definition: maptype.h:31

Member Function Documentation

◆ init()

void Settings::init ( )

Definition at line 34 of file settings.cpp.

35 {
36  uselonglivesprites = config.getBoolValue("uselonglivesprites");
37  showButtonIcons = config.getBoolValue("showButtonIcons");
38 #ifndef DYECMD
40 #endif // DYECMD
41 }
bool getBoolValue(const std::string &key) const
Configuration config
void update()
Definition: useragent.cpp:32

References config, Configuration::getBoolValue(), showButtonIcons, UserAgent::update(), and uselonglivesprites.

Field Documentation

◆ attackType

unsigned int Settings::attackType

◆ attackWeaponType

unsigned int Settings::attackWeaponType

◆ awayMode

bool Settings::awayMode

◆ cameraMode

unsigned int Settings::cameraMode

◆ configDir

std::string Settings::configDir

◆ crazyMoveState

unsigned int Settings::crazyMoveState

◆ crazyMoveType

unsigned int Settings::crazyMoveType

◆ disableGameModifiers

bool Settings::disableGameModifiers

◆ disableLoggingInGame

bool Settings::disableLoggingInGame

◆ emoteType

EmoteTypeT Settings::emoteType

Definition at line 152 of file settings.h.

Referenced by EmoteShortcut::useEmote().

◆ enableNewMailSystem

bool Settings::enableNewMailSystem

Definition at line 165 of file settings.h.

Referenced by ItemAmountWindow::finish(), and ItemContainer::mouseReleased().

◆ enableRemoteCommands

bool Settings::enableRemoteCommands

◆ fixDeadAnimation

bool Settings::fixDeadAnimation

Definition at line 160 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Client::initFeatures(), and SpriteDef::load().

◆ fixedInventorySize

unsigned int Settings::fixedInventorySize

◆ followMode

unsigned int Settings::followMode

◆ gmCharCommandSymbol

std::string Settings::gmCharCommandSymbol

Definition at line 126 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Gm::runCharCommand().

◆ gmCommandSymbol

std::string Settings::gmCommandSymbol

Definition at line 125 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Gm::runCharCommand(), and Gm::runCommand().

◆ guiAlpha

float Settings::guiAlpha

◆ imitationMode

unsigned int Settings::imitationMode

◆ inputFocused

KeyboardFocusT Settings::inputFocused

◆ limitFps

bool Settings::limitFps

◆ linkCommandSymbol

std::string Settings::linkCommandSymbol

Definition at line 127 of file settings.h.

Referenced by ItemLinkHandler::handleLink().

◆ localDataDir

std::string Settings::localDataDir

◆ logFileName

std::string Settings::logFileName

Definition at line 122 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Client::gameInit().

◆ login

std::string Settings::login

Definition at line 108 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Client::stateConnectServer1(), and WindowManager::updateTitle().

◆ magicAttackType

unsigned int Settings::magicAttackType

◆ mapDrawType

MapTypeT Settings::mapDrawType

Definition at line 151 of file settings.h.

Referenced by GameModifiers::init(), and GameModifiers::resetModifiers().

◆ mouseFocused

bool Settings::mouseFocused

◆ moveToTargetType

unsigned int Settings::moveToTargetType

◆ moveType

unsigned int Settings::moveType

◆ npcsDir

std::string Settings::npcsDir

Definition at line 120 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Dirs::initUsersDir(), Being::loadComment(), and Being::saveComment().

◆ oldUpdates

std::string Settings::oldUpdates

Definition at line 109 of file settings.h.

Referenced by DialogsManager::createUpdaterWindow(), and Client::unloadData().

◆ onlineListUrl

std::string Settings::onlineListUrl

Definition at line 116 of file settings.h.

Referenced by WhoIsOnline::downloadThread(), and Client::stateConnectServer1().

◆ options

Options Settings::options

◆ overweightPercent

unsigned int Settings::overweightPercent

◆ persistentIp

bool Settings::persistentIp

◆ pickUpType

unsigned int Settings::pickUpType

◆ playerBadgeAtRightOffset

int Settings::playerBadgeAtRightOffset

Definition at line 150 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Being::updateBadgesPosition().

◆ playerNameOffset

int Settings::playerNameOffset

Definition at line 149 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Being::updateBadgesPosition(), and Being::updateCoords().

◆ pseudoAwayMode

bool Settings::pseudoAwayMode

◆ pvpAttackType

unsigned int Settings::pvpAttackType

◆ quickDropCounter

unsigned int Settings::quickDropCounter

◆ rootDir

std::string Settings::rootDir

Definition at line 123 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Dirs::initRootDir().

◆ screenshotDir

std::string Settings::screenshotDir

Definition at line 115 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Dirs::initScreenshotDir(), and Game::saveScreenshot().

◆ serverConfigDir

std::string Settings::serverConfigDir

◆ serverName

std::string Settings::serverName

◆ showButtonIcons

bool Settings::showButtonIcons

Definition at line 166 of file settings.h.

Referenced by WindowMenu::addButton(), init(), and WindowMenu::WindowMenu().

◆ supportUrl

std::string Settings::supportUrl

◆ targetingType

unsigned int Settings::targetingType

Definition at line 146 of file settings.h.

Referenced by GameModifiers::init(), and GameModifiers::resetModifiers().

◆ tempDir

std::string Settings::tempDir

Definition at line 113 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Dirs::initTempDir().

◆ textureSize

unsigned int Settings::textureSize

Definition at line 132 of file settings.h.

Referenced by GraphicsManager::initGraphics(), and AtlasManager::loadTextureAtlas().

◆ unknownSkillsAutoTab

bool Settings::unknownSkillsAutoTab

Definition at line 164 of file settings.h.

Referenced by SkillDialog::addSkill().

◆ updateHost

std::string Settings::updateHost

Definition at line 107 of file settings.h.

Referenced by DialogsManager::createUpdaterWindow(), and Dirs::initUpdatesDir().

◆ updateMirrors

std::vector<std::string> Settings::updateMirrors

◆ updatesDir

std::string Settings::updatesDir

◆ uselonglivesprites

bool Settings::uselonglivesprites

◆ userAgent

std::string Settings::userAgent

◆ usersDir

std::string Settings::usersDir

◆ usersIdDir

std::string Settings::usersIdDir

Definition at line 119 of file settings.h.

Referenced by Dirs::initUsersDir(), and ActorManager::updateNameId().

◆ windowCaption

std::string Settings::windowCaption

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