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void loadDb ()
void unloadDb ()

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◆ loadDb()

void DbManager::loadDb ( )

Definition at line 63 of file dbmanager.cpp.

64 {
65  CharDB::load();
66  GroupDb::load();
67  StatDb::load();
68  DeadDB::load();
70  ColorDB::load();
71  SoundDB::load();
73  TextDb::load();
74  MapDB::load();
77  ItemDB::load();
78  Being::load();
79  const ServerTypeT type = Net::getNetworkType();
80  if (type == ServerType::EATHENA ||
81  type == ServerType::EVOL2)
82  {
84  if (loginHandler != nullptr)
90  HorseDB::load();
91  ClanDb::load();
92  }
97  UnitsDb::load();
98  NPCDB::load();
100  PETDB::load();
101  EmoteDB::load();
102 // ModDB::load();
104 }
static void load()
virtual void updatePacketVersion() const =0
Net::LoginHandler * loginHandler
Definition: net.cpp:90
void load()
Definition: avatardb.cpp:46
void load()
Definition: badgesdb.cpp:74
void load()
Definition: chardb.cpp:47
void load()
Definition: clandb.cpp:46
void load()
Definition: colordb.cpp:42
void load()
Definition: deaddb.cpp:39
void load()
Definition: emotedb.cpp:48
void load()
Definition: groupdb.cpp:46
void load()
Definition: horsedb.cpp:60
void load()
Definition: itemdb.cpp:147
void load()
Definition: languagedb.cpp:40
void load()
Definition: mapdb.cpp:47
void load()
Definition: monsterdb.cpp:47
void load()
Definition: npcdb.cpp:48
ServerTypeT getNetworkType()
Definition: net.cpp:189
void load()
Definition: networkdb.cpp:40
void load()
Definition: petdb.cpp:45
void load()
Definition: palettedb.cpp:40
void load()
Definition: sounddb.cpp:40
void load()
Definition: statdb.cpp:87
void load()
Definition: textdb.cpp:37
void load()
Definition: unitsdb.cpp:73
void load()
Definition: weaponsdb.cpp:51
ServerType ::T ServerTypeT
Definition: servertype.h:36

References ServerType::EATHENA, ServerType::EVOL2, Net::getNetworkType(), ActorSprite::load(), AvatarDB::load(), BadgesDB::load(), CharDB::load(), ClanDb::load(), ColorDB::load(), DeadDB::load(), ElementalDb::load(), EmoteDB::load(), GroupDb::load(), HomunculusDB::load(), HorseDB::load(), ItemDB::load(), ItemFieldDb::load(), ItemOptionDb::load(), LanguageDb::load(), MapDB::load(), MercenaryDB::load(), MonsterDB::load(), NetworkDb::load(), NPCDB::load(), NpcDialogDB::load(), PaletteDB::load(), PETDB::load(), SkillUnitDb::load(), SoundDB::load(), StatDb::load(), StatusEffectDB::load(), TextDb::load(), UnitsDb::load(), WeaponsDB::load(), loginHandler, and Net::LoginHandler::updatePacketVersion().

Referenced by Client::loadData().

◆ unloadDb()

void DbManager::unloadDb ( )

Definition at line 106 of file dbmanager.cpp.

107 {
108  CharDB::unload();
109  GroupDb::unload();
110  StatDb::unload();
111  DeadDB::unload();
112  ColorDB::unload();
113  SoundDB::unload();
115  TextDb::unload();
116  EmoteDB::unload();
117  ItemDB::unload();
120  const ServerTypeT type = Net::getNetworkType();
121  if (type == ServerType::EATHENA ||
122  type == ServerType::EVOL2)
123  {
126  ClanDb::unload();
129  HorseDB::unload();
131  }
133  NPCDB::unload();
138  UnitsDb::unload();
140  PETDB::unload();
142  ModDB::unload();
143 }
void unload()
Definition: avatardb.cpp:133
void unload()
Definition: badgesdb.cpp:86
void unload()
Definition: chardb.cpp:125
void unload()
Definition: clandb.cpp:113
void unload()
Definition: colordb.cpp:182
void unload()
Definition: deaddb.cpp:96
void unload()
Definition: emotedb.cpp:227
void unload()
Definition: groupdb.cpp:333
void unload()
Definition: horsedb.cpp:266
void unload()
Definition: itemdb.cpp:759
void unload()
Definition: languagedb.cpp:104
void unload()
Definition: moddb.cpp:100
void unload()
Definition: monsterdb.cpp:135
void unload()
Definition: npcdb.cpp:179
void unload()
Definition: networkdb.cpp:73
void unload()
Definition: petdb.cpp:148
void unload()
Definition: palettedb.cpp:103
void unload()
Definition: sounddb.cpp:87
void unload()
Definition: statdb.cpp:228
void unload()
Definition: textdb.cpp:86
void unload()
Definition: unitsdb.cpp:120
void unload()
Definition: weaponsdb.cpp:63

References ServerType::EATHENA, ServerType::EVOL2, Net::getNetworkType(), AvatarDB::unload(), BadgesDB::unload(), CharDB::unload(), ClanDb::unload(), ColorDB::unload(), DeadDB::unload(), ElementalDb::unload(), EmoteDB::unload(), GroupDb::unload(), HomunculusDB::unload(), HorseDB::unload(), ItemDB::unload(), ItemFieldDb::unload(), ItemOptionDb::unload(), LanguageDb::unload(), MercenaryDB::unload(), ModDB::unload(), MonsterDB::unload(), NetworkDb::unload(), NPCDB::unload(), NpcDialogDB::unload(), PaletteDB::unload(), PETDB::unload(), SkillUnitDb::unload(), SoundDB::unload(), StatDb::unload(), StatusEffectDB::unload(), TextDb::unload(), UnitsDb::unload(), and WeaponsDB::unload().

Referenced by Client::unloadData().