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StatsPage Class Reference

#include <statspage.h>

Inheritance diagram for StatsPage:
Container WidgetListener AttributeListener StatListener BasicContainer2 BasicContainer Widget WidgetDeathListener Widget2

Public Member Functions

 StatsPage (const Widget2 *const widget, const std::string &page)
void widgetResized (const Event &event)
void attributeChanged (const AttributesT id, const int64_t oldVal, const int64_t newVal)
void statChanged (const AttributesT id, const int oldVal1, const int oldVal2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Container
 Container (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~Container ()
bool safeRemove (Widget *const widget)
void removeControls ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicContainer2
 BasicContainer2 (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~BasicContainer2 ()
void setOpaque (Opaque opaque)
bool isOpaque () const
virtual void add (Widget *const widget)
void addXY (Widget *const widget, const int x, const int y)
void draw (Graphics *const graphics)
void safeDraw (Graphics *const graphics)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicContainer
 BasicContainer (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~BasicContainer ()
void showWidgetPart (Widget *const widget, const Rect &area)
void moveToTop (Widget *const widget)
void moveToBottom (Widget *const widget)
Rect getChildrenArea ()
void focusNext ()
void focusPrevious ()
void logic ()
void setFocusHandler (FocusHandler *const focusHandler)
void setInternalFocusHandler (FocusHandler *const focusHandler)
WidgetgetWidgetAt (int x, int y)
void death (const Event &event)
WidgetfindFirstWidget (const std::set< Widget * > &list)
void add (Widget *const widget)
virtual void remove (Widget *const widget)
virtual void clear ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 Widget (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~Widget ()
virtual void drawFrame (Graphics *graphics)
virtual void safeDrawFrame (Graphics *graphics)
void setFrameSize (const unsigned int frameSize)
unsigned int getFrameSize () const
WidgetgetParent () const
void setWidth (const int width)
int getWidth () const
void setHeight (const int height)
int getHeight () const
void setSize (const int width, const int height)
void setX (const int x)
int getX () const
void setY (const int y)
int getY () const
void setPosition (const int x, const int y)
void setDimension (const Rect &dimension)
const RectgetDimension () const
void setFocusable (const bool focusable)
bool isFocusable () const
virtual bool isFocused () const
void setEnabled (const bool enabled)
bool isEnabled () const
void setVisible (Visible visible)
bool isVisible () const
void setBaseColor (const Color &color)
const ColorgetBaseColor () const
void setForegroundColor (const Color &color)
const ColorgetForegroundColor () const
void setBackgroundColor (const Color &color)
const ColorgetBackgroundColor () const
virtual void requestFocus ()
virtual void requestMoveToTop ()
virtual void requestMoveToBottom ()
FocusHandlergetFocusHandler ()
void addActionListener (ActionListener *const actionListener)
void removeActionListener (ActionListener *const actionListener)
void addDeathListener (WidgetDeathListener *const deathListener)
void removeDeathListener (WidgetDeathListener *const deathListener)
void addMouseListener (MouseListener *const mouseListener)
void removeMouseListener (MouseListener *const mouseListener)
void addKeyListener (KeyListener *const keyListener)
void removeKeyListener (KeyListener *const keyListener)
void addFocusListener (FocusListener *const focusListener)
void removeFocusListener (FocusListener *const focusListener)
void addWidgetListener (WidgetListener *const widgetListener)
void removeWidgetListener (WidgetListener *const widgetListener)
void setActionEventId (const std::string &actionEventId)
const std::string & getActionEventId () const
virtual void getAbsolutePosition (int &x, int &y) const
virtual void setParent (Widget *parent)
FontgetFont () const
void setFont (Font *const font)
virtual void fontChanged ()
bool isTabInEnabled () const
void setTabInEnabled (const bool enabled)
bool isTabOutEnabled () const
void setTabOutEnabled (const bool enabled)
void requestModalFocus ()
virtual void requestModalMouseInputFocus ()
virtual void releaseModalFocus ()
virtual void releaseModalMouseInputFocus ()
virtual bool isModalFocused () const
virtual bool isModalMouseInputFocused () const
const std::list< MouseListener * > & getMouseListeners () const A_CONST
const std::list< KeyListener * > & getKeyListeners () const A_CONST
const std::list< FocusListener * > & getFocusListeners () const A_CONST
virtual FocusHandlergetInternalFocusHandler ()
void setInternalFocusHandler (FocusHandler *const internalFocusHandler)
void setId (const std::string &id)
const std::string & getId () const
virtual void showPart (const Rect &rectangle)
bool isAllowLogic () const
void setMouseConsume (const bool b)
bool isMouseConsume () const
void setRedraw (const bool b)
virtual bool isSelectable () const
void setSelectable (const bool selectable)
void windowResized ()
virtual void postInit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget2
virtual ~Widget2 ()
const ColorgetThemeColor (const ThemeColorIdT type, const unsigned int alpha) const A_INLINE
const ColorgetThemeCharColor (const signed char c, bool &valid) const A_INLINE
virtual void setWidget2 (const Widget2 *const widget)
void setPalette (int palette)
void checkPalette ()
void setForegroundColor2 (const Color &color)
WidgetgetWindow () const
virtual void setWindow (Widget *const window)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetDeathListener
virtual ~WidgetDeathListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetListener
virtual ~WidgetListener ()
virtual void widgetMoved (const Event &event)
virtual void widgetHidden (const Event &event)
virtual void widgetShown (const Event &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AttributeListener
 AttributeListener ()
virtual ~ AttributeListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StatListener
 StatListener ()
virtual ~ StatListener ()

Private Attributes

Attrs mAttrs

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
static void setGlobalFont (Font *const font)
static FontgetGloablFont ()
static void cleanGlobalFont ()
static bool widgetExists (const Widget *const widget)
static void distributeWindowResizeEvent ()
static WidgetcallPostInit (Widget *const widget)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AttributeListener
static void distributeEvent (const AttributesT id, const int64_t oldVal, const int64_t newVal)
static void addListener (AttributeListener *const listener)
static void removeListener (const AttributeListener *const listener)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StatListener
static void distributeEvent (const AttributesT id, const int oldVal1, const int oldVal2)
static void addListener (StatListener *const listener)
static void removeListener (const StatListener *const listener)
- Data Fields inherited from Widget
Visible mVisible
- Protected Types inherited from BasicContainer
typedef std::vector< Widget * > WidgetList
typedef WidgetList::iterator WidgetListIterator
typedef WidgetList::const_iterator WidgetListConstIterator
typedef WidgetList::reverse_iterator WidgetListReverseIterator
typedef WidgetList::const_reverse_iterator WidgetListCReverseIterator
- Protected Types inherited from Widget
typedef std::list< MouseListener * > MouseListenerList
typedef MouseListenerList::iterator MouseListenerIterator
typedef std::list< KeyListener * > KeyListenerList
typedef KeyListenerList::iterator KeyListenerIterator
typedef std::list< ActionListener * > ActionListenerList
typedef ActionListenerList::iterator ActionListenerIterator
typedef std::list< WidgetDeathListener * > WidgetDeathListenerList
typedef WidgetDeathListenerList::iterator WidgetDeathListenerIterator
typedef std::list< FocusListener * > FocusListenerList
typedef FocusListenerList::iterator FocusListenerIterator
typedef std::list< WidgetListener * > WidgetListenerList
typedef WidgetListenerList::iterator WidgetListenerIterator
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BasicContainer
virtual void drawChildren (Graphics *const graphics)
virtual void safeDrawChildren (Graphics *const graphics)
virtual void logicChildren ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
void distributeActionEvent ()
void distributeResizedEvent ()
void distributeMovedEvent ()
void distributeHiddenEvent ()
void distributeShownEvent ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget2
 Widget2 (const Widget2 *const widget)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WidgetDeathListener
 WidgetDeathListener ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WidgetListener
 WidgetListener ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicContainer2
Opaque mOpaque
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicContainer
WidgetList mWidgets
WidgetList mLogicWidgets
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
MouseListenerList mMouseListeners
KeyListenerList mKeyListeners
ActionListenerList mActionListeners
WidgetDeathListenerList mDeathListeners
FocusListenerList mFocusListeners
WidgetListenerList mWidgetListeners
Color mForegroundColor
Color mBackgroundColor
Color mBaseColor
Rect mDimension
std::string mActionEventId
std::string mId
unsigned int mFrameSize
bool mFocusable
bool mTabIn
bool mTabOut
bool mEnabled
bool mAllowLogic
bool mMouseConsume
bool mRedraw
bool mSelectable
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget2
int mPaletteOffset
Color mForegroundColor2
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
static FontmGlobalFont = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file statspage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StatsPage()

StatsPage::StatsPage ( const Widget2 *const  widget,
const std::string &  page 

Definition at line 35 of file statspage.cpp.

36  :
37  Container(widget),
40  StatListener(),
41  mAttrs(),
42  mAttrCont(new VertContainer(this, 32, true, 0)),
43  mAttrScroll(new ScrollArea(this, mAttrCont, Opaque_false, std::string()))
44 {
45  addWidgetListener(this);
46  setSelectable(false);
50  mAttrScroll->setSelectable(false);
51  mAttrCont->setSelectable(false);
54  const STD_VECTOR<BasicStat> &basicStats = StatDb::getStats(page);
55  FOR_EACH (STD_VECTOR<BasicStat>::const_iterator, it, basicStats)
56  {
57  const BasicStat &stat = *it;
58  AttrDisplay *disp = new DerDisplay(this,
59  stat.attr,
61  stat.tag);
62  disp->update();
63  mAttrCont->add2(disp, true, -1);
64  mAttrs[stat.attr] = disp;
65  }
66 }
virtual std::string update()
Definition: attrdisplay.cpp:59
virtual void add(Widget *const widget)
Container(const Widget2 *const widget)
Definition: container.cpp:30
void setVerticalScrollPolicy(const ScrollPolicy vPolicy)
void setHorizontalScrollPolicy(const ScrollPolicy hPolicy)
Attrs mAttrs
Definition: statspage.h:57
ScrollArea * mAttrScroll
Definition: statspage.h:59
VertContainer * mAttrCont
Definition: statspage.h:58
void add2(Widget *const widget, const bool resizable, const int spacing)
void addWidgetListener(WidgetListener *const widgetListener)
Definition: widget.cpp:302
void setSelectable(const bool selectable)
Definition: widget.h:948
#define FOR_EACH(type, iter, array)
Definition: foreach.h:25
const std::vector< BasicStat > & getStats(const std::string &page)
Definition: statdb.cpp:77
const bool Opaque_false
Definition: opaque.h:30
AttributesT attr
Definition: basicstat.h:47
std::string name
Definition: basicstat.h:46
std::string tag
Definition: basicstat.h:45

References BasicContainer2::add(), VertContainer::add2(), Widget::addWidgetListener(), BasicStat::attr, FOR_EACH, StatDb::getStats(), mAttrCont, mAttrs, mAttrScroll, BasicStat::name, ScrollArea::setHorizontalScrollPolicy(), Widget::setSelectable(), ScrollArea::setVerticalScrollPolicy(), ScrollArea::SHOW_AUTO, ScrollArea::SHOW_NEVER, BasicStat::tag, and AttrDisplay::update().

Member Function Documentation

◆ attributeChanged()

void StatsPage::attributeChanged ( const AttributesT  id,
const int64_t  oldVal,
const int64_t  newVal 

Implements AttributeListener.

Definition at line 73 of file statspage.cpp.

76 {
77  const Attrs::const_iterator it = mAttrs.find(id);
78  if (it != mAttrs.end() && (it->second != nullptr))
79  it->second->update();
80 }

References mAttrs.

◆ statChanged()

void StatsPage::statChanged ( const AttributesT  id,
const int  oldVal1,
const int  oldVal2 

Implements StatListener.

Definition at line 82 of file statspage.cpp.

85 {
86  const Attrs::const_iterator it = mAttrs.find(id);
87  if (it != mAttrs.end() && (it->second != nullptr))
88  it->second->update();
89 }

References mAttrs.

◆ widgetResized()

void StatsPage::widgetResized ( const Event event)

Invoked when a widget changes its size.

eventDescribes the event.

Reimplemented from WidgetListener.

Definition at line 68 of file statspage.cpp.

69 {
71 }
void setSize(const int width, const int height)
Definition: widget.cpp:367
int getHeight() const
Definition: widget.h:240
int getWidth() const
Definition: widget.h:221

References Widget::getHeight(), Widget::getWidth(), mAttrScroll, and Widget::setSize().

Field Documentation

◆ mAttrCont

VertContainer* StatsPage::mAttrCont

Definition at line 58 of file statspage.h.

Referenced by StatsPage().

◆ mAttrs

Attrs StatsPage::mAttrs

Definition at line 57 of file statspage.h.

Referenced by attributeChanged(), statChanged(), and StatsPage().

◆ mAttrScroll

ScrollArea* StatsPage::mAttrScroll

Definition at line 59 of file statspage.h.

Referenced by StatsPage(), and widgetResized().

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