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ConfirmDialog Class Reference

#include <confirmdialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for ConfirmDialog:
Window ActionListener BasicContainer2 MouseListener WidgetListener BasicContainer Widget WidgetDeathListener Widget2 CharDeleteConfirm

Public Member Functions

 ConfirmDialog (const std::string &title, const std::string &msg, const std::string &soundEvent, const bool ignore, const Modal modal, Window *const parent)
 ConfirmDialog (const std::string &title, const std::string &msg, const std::string &yesMsg, const std::string &noMsg, const std::string &soundEvent, const bool ignore, const Modal modal, Window *const parent)
void action (const ActionEvent &event)
void postInit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Window
 Window (const std::string &caption, const Modal modal, Window *const parent, std::string skin)
 ~Window ()
void draw (Graphics *const graphics)
void safeDraw (Graphics *const graphics)
void setContentSize (int width, int height)
void setLocationRelativeTo (const Widget *const widget)
void setLocationHorisontallyRelativeTo (const Widget *const widget)
void setLocationRelativeTo (const ImagePosition::Type &position, int offsetX, int offsetY)
void setResizable (const bool resize)
void redraw ()
void widgetResized (const Event &event)
void widgetMoved (const Event &event)
void widgetHidden (const Event &event)
void setCloseButton (const bool flag)
bool getCloseButton () const
void setAllowClose (const bool b)
bool getAlowClose () const
bool isResizable () const
void setMinWidth (const int width)
int getMinWidth () const
void setMinHeight (const int height)
int getMinHeight () const
void setMaxWidth (const int width)
int getMaxWidth () const
void setMaxHeight (const int height)
int getMaxHeight () const
void setShowTitle (bool flag)
void setStickyButton (const bool flag)
void setSticky (const bool sticky)
bool isSticky () const
void setStickyButtonLock (const bool sticky)
bool isStickyButtonLock () const
virtual void setVisible (Visible visible)
void setVisible (const Visible visible, const bool forceSticky)
bool isDefaultVisible () const
void setDefaultVisible (const bool save)
bool willSaveVisible () const
void setSaveVisible (const bool save)
WindowgetParentWindow () const
virtual void scheduleDelete ()
void mousePressed (MouseEvent &event)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent &event)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent &event)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent &event)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent &event)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent &event)
void updateResizeHandler (MouseEvent &event)
void setWindowName (const std::string &name)
const std::string & getWindowName () const
void loadWindowState ()
void saveWindowState ()
void setDefaultSize (const int defaultX, const int defaultY, int defaultWidth, int defaultHeight)
void setDefaultSize ()
void setDefaultSize (const int defaultWidth, const int defaultHeight, const ImagePosition::Type &position, const int offsetx, const int offsetY)
virtual void resetToDefaultSize ()
void adjustPositionAfterResize (const int oldScreenWidth, const int oldScreenHeight)
LayoutgetLayout ()
void clearLayout ()
void reflowLayout (int w, int h)
LayoutCellplace (const int x, const int y, Widget *const wg, const int w, const int h)
ContainerPlacer getPlacer (const int x, const int y)
void center ()
void centerHorisontally ()
virtual void close ()
void setModal (const Modal modal)
Rect getWindowArea () const
bool isResizeAllowed (const MouseEvent &event) const
void setCaptionFont (Font *font)
void enableVisibleSound (bool b)
bool isWindowVisible () const
void setPadding (int padding)
int getPadding () const
void setTitleBarHeight (unsigned int height)
unsigned int getTitleBarHeight () const
void setCaption (const std::string &caption)
const std::string & getCaption () const
void setAlignment (Graphics::Alignment alignment)
Graphics::Alignment getAlignment () const
void setMovable (Move movable)
bool isMovable () const
Rect getChildrenArea ()
virtual void resizeToContent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicContainer2
 BasicContainer2 (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~BasicContainer2 ()
void setOpaque (Opaque opaque)
bool isOpaque () const
virtual void add (Widget *const widget)
void addXY (Widget *const widget, const int x, const int y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicContainer
 BasicContainer (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~BasicContainer ()
void showWidgetPart (Widget *const widget, const Rect &area)
void moveToTop (Widget *const widget)
void moveToBottom (Widget *const widget)
void focusNext ()
void focusPrevious ()
void logic ()
void setFocusHandler (FocusHandler *const focusHandler)
void setInternalFocusHandler (FocusHandler *const focusHandler)
WidgetgetWidgetAt (int x, int y)
void death (const Event &event)
WidgetfindFirstWidget (const std::set< Widget * > &list)
void add (Widget *const widget)
virtual void remove (Widget *const widget)
virtual void clear ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 Widget (const Widget2 *const widget)
 ~Widget ()
virtual void drawFrame (Graphics *graphics)
virtual void safeDrawFrame (Graphics *graphics)
void setFrameSize (const unsigned int frameSize)
unsigned int getFrameSize () const
WidgetgetParent () const
void setWidth (const int width)
int getWidth () const
void setHeight (const int height)
int getHeight () const
void setSize (const int width, const int height)
void setX (const int x)
int getX () const
void setY (const int y)
int getY () const
void setPosition (const int x, const int y)
void setDimension (const Rect &dimension)
const RectgetDimension () const
void setFocusable (const bool focusable)
bool isFocusable () const
virtual bool isFocused () const
void setEnabled (const bool enabled)
bool isEnabled () const
void setVisible (Visible visible)
bool isVisible () const
void setBaseColor (const Color &color)
const ColorgetBaseColor () const
void setForegroundColor (const Color &color)
const ColorgetForegroundColor () const
void setBackgroundColor (const Color &color)
const ColorgetBackgroundColor () const
virtual void requestFocus ()
virtual void requestMoveToTop ()
virtual void requestMoveToBottom ()
FocusHandlergetFocusHandler ()
void addActionListener (ActionListener *const actionListener)
void removeActionListener (ActionListener *const actionListener)
void addDeathListener (WidgetDeathListener *const deathListener)
void removeDeathListener (WidgetDeathListener *const deathListener)
void addMouseListener (MouseListener *const mouseListener)
void removeMouseListener (MouseListener *const mouseListener)
void addKeyListener (KeyListener *const keyListener)
void removeKeyListener (KeyListener *const keyListener)
void addFocusListener (FocusListener *const focusListener)
void removeFocusListener (FocusListener *const focusListener)
void addWidgetListener (WidgetListener *const widgetListener)
void removeWidgetListener (WidgetListener *const widgetListener)
void setActionEventId (const std::string &actionEventId)
const std::string & getActionEventId () const
virtual void getAbsolutePosition (int &x, int &y) const
virtual void setParent (Widget *parent)
FontgetFont () const
void setFont (Font *const font)
virtual void fontChanged ()
bool isTabInEnabled () const
void setTabInEnabled (const bool enabled)
bool isTabOutEnabled () const
void setTabOutEnabled (const bool enabled)
void requestModalFocus ()
virtual void requestModalMouseInputFocus ()
virtual void releaseModalFocus ()
virtual void releaseModalMouseInputFocus ()
virtual bool isModalFocused () const
virtual bool isModalMouseInputFocused () const
const std::list< MouseListener * > & getMouseListeners () const A_CONST
const std::list< KeyListener * > & getKeyListeners () const A_CONST
const std::list< FocusListener * > & getFocusListeners () const A_CONST
virtual FocusHandlergetInternalFocusHandler ()
void setInternalFocusHandler (FocusHandler *const internalFocusHandler)
void setId (const std::string &id)
const std::string & getId () const
virtual void showPart (const Rect &rectangle)
bool isAllowLogic () const
void setMouseConsume (const bool b)
bool isMouseConsume () const
void setRedraw (const bool b)
virtual bool isSelectable () const
void setSelectable (const bool selectable)
void windowResized ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget2
virtual ~Widget2 ()
const ColorgetThemeColor (const ThemeColorIdT type, const unsigned int alpha) const A_INLINE
const ColorgetThemeCharColor (const signed char c, bool &valid) const A_INLINE
virtual void setWidget2 (const Widget2 *const widget)
void setPalette (int palette)
void checkPalette ()
void setForegroundColor2 (const Color &color)
WidgetgetWindow () const
virtual void setWindow (Widget *const window)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetDeathListener
virtual ~WidgetDeathListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MouseListener
virtual ~MouseListener ()
virtual void mouseClicked (MouseEvent &event)
virtual void mouseWheelMovedUp (MouseEvent &event)
virtual void mouseWheelMovedDown (MouseEvent &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetListener
virtual ~WidgetListener ()
virtual void widgetShown (const Event &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ActionListener
virtual ~ActionListener ()

Private Attributes

std::string mYesMsg
std::string mNoMsg
bool mIgnore

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Window
static void setWindowContainer (WindowContainer *const windowContainer)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
static void setGlobalFont (Font *const font)
static FontgetGloablFont ()
static void cleanGlobalFont ()
static bool widgetExists (const Widget *const widget)
static void distributeWindowResizeEvent ()
static WidgetcallPostInit (Widget *const widget)
- Data Fields inherited from Widget
Visible mVisible
- Protected Types inherited from BasicContainer
typedef std::vector< Widget * > WidgetList
typedef WidgetList::iterator WidgetListIterator
typedef WidgetList::const_iterator WidgetListConstIterator
typedef WidgetList::reverse_iterator WidgetListReverseIterator
typedef WidgetList::const_reverse_iterator WidgetListCReverseIterator
- Protected Types inherited from Widget
typedef std::list< MouseListener * > MouseListenerList
typedef MouseListenerList::iterator MouseListenerIterator
typedef std::list< KeyListener * > KeyListenerList
typedef KeyListenerList::iterator KeyListenerIterator
typedef std::list< ActionListener * > ActionListenerList
typedef ActionListenerList::iterator ActionListenerIterator
typedef std::list< WidgetDeathListener * > WidgetDeathListenerList
typedef WidgetDeathListenerList::iterator WidgetDeathListenerIterator
typedef std::list< FocusListener * > FocusListenerList
typedef FocusListenerList::iterator FocusListenerIterator
typedef std::list< WidgetListener * > WidgetListenerList
typedef WidgetListenerList::iterator WidgetListenerIterator
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Window
bool canMove () const
int getOption (const std::string &name, const int def) const
bool getOptionBool (const std::string &name, const bool def) const
void setTitlePadding (const int p)
int getTitlePadding () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BasicContainer
virtual void drawChildren (Graphics *const graphics)
virtual void safeDrawChildren (Graphics *const graphics)
virtual void logicChildren ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
void distributeActionEvent ()
void distributeResizedEvent ()
void distributeMovedEvent ()
void distributeHiddenEvent ()
void distributeShownEvent ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget2
 Widget2 (const Widget2 *const widget)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WidgetDeathListener
 WidgetDeathListener ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MouseListener
 MouseListener ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WidgetListener
 WidgetListener ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ActionListener
 ActionListener ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Window
std::string mCaption
Graphics::Alignment mAlignment
int mPadding
unsigned int mTitleBarHeight
Move mMovable
int mDragOffsetX
int mDragOffsetY
bool mMoved
int mDefaultX
int mDefaultY
int mDefaultWidth
int mDefaultHeight
int mCaptionOffsetX
int mCaptionOffsetY
bool mShowTitle
bool mLastRedraw
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicContainer2
Opaque mOpaque
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicContainer
WidgetList mWidgets
WidgetList mLogicWidgets
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
MouseListenerList mMouseListeners
KeyListenerList mKeyListeners
ActionListenerList mActionListeners
WidgetDeathListenerList mDeathListeners
FocusListenerList mFocusListeners
WidgetListenerList mWidgetListeners
Color mForegroundColor
Color mBackgroundColor
Color mBaseColor
Rect mDimension
std::string mActionEventId
std::string mId
unsigned int mFrameSize
bool mFocusable
bool mTabIn
bool mTabOut
bool mEnabled
bool mAllowLogic
bool mMouseConsume
bool mRedraw
bool mSelectable
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget2
int mPaletteOffset
Color mForegroundColor2
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
static FontmGlobalFont = 0

Detailed Description

An option dialog.

Definition at line 40 of file confirmdialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConfirmDialog() [1/2]

ConfirmDialog::ConfirmDialog ( const std::string &  title,
const std::string &  msg,
const std::string &  soundEvent,
const bool  ignore,
const Modal  modal,
Window *const  parent 


See also

Definition at line 37 of file confirmdialog.cpp.

42  :
43  Window(title, modal, parent, "confirm.xml"),
45  // TRANSLATORS: confirm dialog button
46  mYesMsg(_("Yes")),
47  // TRANSLATORS: confirm dialog button
48  mNoMsg(_("No")),
49  mTextBox(new TextBox(this)),
50  mIgnore(ignore)
51 {
52  mTextBox->setEditable(false);
55  soundManager.playGuiSound(soundEvent);
56 }
std::string mYesMsg
Definition: confirmdialog.h:80
TextBox * mTextBox
Definition: confirmdialog.h:82
std::string mNoMsg
Definition: confirmdialog.h:81
void playGuiSound(const std::string &name)
void setEditable(const bool editable)
Definition: textbox.cpp:650
void setOpaque(const Opaque opaque)
Definition: textbox.h:273
void setTextWrapped(const std::string &text, const int minDimension)
Definition: textbox.cpp:109
Window(const std::string &caption, const Modal modal, Window *const parent, std::string skin)
Definition: window.cpp:109
#define _(s)
Definition: gettext.h:35
bool msg(InputEvent &event)
Definition: chat.cpp:39
const bool Opaque_false
Definition: opaque.h:30
SoundManager soundManager

References Actions::msg(), mTextBox, Opaque_false, SoundManager::playGuiSound(), TextBox::setEditable(), TextBox::setOpaque(), TextBox::setTextWrapped(), and soundManager.

◆ ConfirmDialog() [2/2]

ConfirmDialog::ConfirmDialog ( const std::string &  title,
const std::string &  msg,
const std::string &  yesMsg,
const std::string &  noMsg,
const std::string &  soundEvent,
const bool  ignore,
const Modal  modal,
Window *const  parent 


See also

Definition at line 58 of file confirmdialog.cpp.

65  :
66  Window(title, modal, parent, "confirm.xml"),
68  mYesMsg(yesMsg),
69  mNoMsg(noMsg),
70  mTextBox(new TextBox(this)),
71  mIgnore(ignore)
72 {
73  mTextBox->setEditable(false);
76  soundManager.playGuiSound(soundEvent);
77 }

References Actions::msg(), mTextBox, Opaque_false, SoundManager::playGuiSound(), TextBox::setEditable(), TextBox::setOpaque(), TextBox::setTextWrapped(), and soundManager.

Member Function Documentation

◆ action()

void ConfirmDialog::action ( const ActionEvent event)

Called when receiving actions from the widgets.

Implements ActionListener.

Definition at line 147 of file confirmdialog.cpp.

148 {
149  setActionEventId(event.getId());
151  scheduleDelete();
152 }
const std::string & getId() const
Definition: actionevent.h:122
void distributeActionEvent()
Definition: widget.cpp:493
void setActionEventId(const std::string &actionEventId)
Definition: widget.h:596
virtual void scheduleDelete()
Definition: window.cpp:831

References Widget::distributeActionEvent(), ActionEvent::getId(), Window::scheduleDelete(), and Widget::setActionEventId().

Referenced by CharDeleteConfirm::action().

◆ postInit()

void ConfirmDialog::postInit ( )

Reimplemented from Window.

Definition at line 79 of file confirmdialog.cpp.

80 {
82  Button *const yesButton = new Button(this,
83  mYesMsg,
84  "yes",
86  this);
87  Button *const noButton = new Button(this,
88  mNoMsg,
89  "no",
91  this);
92  Button *const ignoreButton = mIgnore ? new Button(
93  // TRANSLATORS: confirm dialog button
94  this, _("Ignore"), "ignore", BUTTON_SKIN, this) : nullptr;
96  const int numRows = mTextBox->getNumberOfRows();
97  int inWidth = yesButton->getWidth() + noButton->getWidth() +
98  (2 * mPadding);
100  if (ignoreButton != nullptr)
101  inWidth += ignoreButton->getWidth();
103  const int fontHeight = getFont()->getHeight();
104  const int height = numRows * fontHeight;
105  int width = getFont()->getWidth(getCaption()) + mCaptionOffsetX;
107  if (width < mTextBox->getMinWidth())
108  width = mTextBox->getMinWidth();
109  if (width < inWidth)
110  width = inWidth;
112  int windowWidth = width;
113  if (windowWidth < mTextBox->getMinWidth() + fontHeight)
114  {
115  windowWidth = mTextBox->getMinWidth() + fontHeight;
116  }
117  setContentSize(windowWidth,
118  height + fontHeight + noButton->getHeight());
121  const int buttonPadding = getOption("buttonPadding", 8);
122  yesButton->setPosition((width - inWidth) / 2, height + buttonPadding);
123  noButton->setPosition(yesButton->getX() + yesButton->getWidth()
124  + (2 * mPadding), height + buttonPadding);
125  if (ignoreButton != nullptr)
126  {
127  ignoreButton->setPosition(noButton->getX() + noButton->getWidth()
128  + (2 * mPadding), height + buttonPadding);
129  }
131  add(mTextBox);
132  add(yesButton);
133  add(noButton);
135  if (mIgnore && (ignoreButton != nullptr))
136  add(ignoreButton);
138  if (getParent() != nullptr)
139  {
140  center();
141  getParent()->moveToTop(this);
142  }
144  yesButton->requestFocus();
145 }
const std::string BUTTON_SKIN
Definition: button.h:89
virtual void add(Widget *const widget)
Definition: button.h:102
int getHeight() const
Definition: font.cpp:362
int getWidth(const std::string &text) const
Definition: font.cpp:334
unsigned int getNumberOfRows() const
Definition: textbox.h:162
int getMinWidth() const
Definition: textbox.h:108
virtual void moveToTop(Widget *widget)
Definition: widget.h:867
virtual void requestFocus()
Definition: widget.cpp:204
Font * getFont() const
Definition: widget.cpp:331
void setPosition(const int x, const int y)
Definition: widget.cpp:161
Widget * getParent() const
Definition: widget.h:202
int getX() const
Definition: widget.h:269
int getHeight() const
Definition: widget.h:240
int getWidth() const
Definition: widget.h:221
void center()
Definition: window.cpp:1417
virtual void setVisible(Visible visible)
Definition: window.cpp:778
void setContentSize(int width, int height)
Definition: window.cpp:492
int getOption(const std::string &name, const int def) const
Definition: window.cpp:1454
int getMinWidth() const
Definition: window.h:205
void postInit()
Definition: window.cpp:249
int mPadding
Definition: window.h:618
const std::string & getCaption() const
Definition: window.h:540
int mCaptionOffsetX
Definition: window.h:654
#define nullptr
Definition: localconsts.h:45
const bool Visible_true
Definition: visible.h:30

References _, BasicContainer2::add(), BUTTON_SKIN, Window::center(), Window::getCaption(), Widget::getFont(), Font::getHeight(), Widget::getHeight(), TextBox::getMinWidth(), Window::getMinWidth(), TextBox::getNumberOfRows(), Window::getOption(), Widget::getParent(), Widget::getWidth(), Font::getWidth(), Widget::getX(), Window::mCaptionOffsetX, mIgnore, mNoMsg, Widget::moveToTop(), Window::mPadding, mTextBox, mYesMsg, Window::postInit(), Widget::requestFocus(), Window::setContentSize(), Widget::setPosition(), Window::setVisible(), and Visible_true.

Field Documentation

◆ mIgnore

bool ConfirmDialog::mIgnore

Definition at line 83 of file confirmdialog.h.

Referenced by postInit().

◆ mNoMsg

std::string ConfirmDialog::mNoMsg

Definition at line 81 of file confirmdialog.h.

Referenced by postInit().

◆ mTextBox

TextBox* ConfirmDialog::mTextBox

Definition at line 82 of file confirmdialog.h.

Referenced by ConfirmDialog(), and postInit().

◆ mYesMsg

std::string ConfirmDialog::mYesMsg

Definition at line 80 of file confirmdialog.h.

Referenced by postInit().

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