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beinginfo.h File Reference


#include "enums/being/targetcursorsize.h"
#include "enums/resources/map/blocktype.h"
#include "enums/simpletypes/beingtypeid.h"
#include "enums/simpletypes/itemcolor.h"
#include "resources/beingmenuitem.h"
#include "resources/cursors.h"
#include "resources/soundinfo.h"
#include "resources/sprite/spritedisplay.h"

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Data Structures

class  BeingInfo


typedef std::map< int, Attack * > Attacks
typedef std::map< BeingTypeId, BeingInfo * > BeingInfos
typedef BeingInfos::iterator BeingInfoIterator

Typedef Documentation

◆ Attacks

typedef std::map<int, Attack*> Attacks

Definition at line 44 of file beinginfo.h.

◆ BeingInfoIterator

typedef BeingInfos::iterator BeingInfoIterator

Definition at line 410 of file beinginfo.h.

◆ BeingInfos

typedef std::map<BeingTypeId, BeingInfo*> BeingInfos

Definition at line 409 of file beinginfo.h.