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Attack Struct Reference

#include <attack.h>

Public Member Functions

 Attack (const std::string &action, const std::string &skyAction, const std::string &waterAction, const std::string &rideAction, const int effectId, const int hitEffectId, const int criticalHitEffectId, const int missEffectId, const std::string &missileParticle, const float missileZ, const float missileSpeed, const float missileDieDistance, const int missileLifeTime)

Data Fields

std::string mAction
std::string mSkyAction
std::string mWaterAction
std::string mRideAction
int mEffectId
int mHitEffectId
int mCriticalHitEffectId
int mMissEffectId
MissileInfo mMissile

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file attack.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Attack()

Attack::Attack ( const std::string &  action,
const std::string &  skyAction,
const std::string &  waterAction,
const std::string &  rideAction,
const int  effectId,
const int  hitEffectId,
const int  criticalHitEffectId,
const int  missEffectId,
const std::string &  missileParticle,
const float  missileZ,
const float  missileSpeed,
const float  missileDieDistance,
const int  missileLifeTime 

Definition at line 41 of file attack.h.

53  :
54  mAction(action),
55  mSkyAction(skyAction),
56  mWaterAction(waterAction),
57  mRideAction(rideAction),
58  mEffectId(effectId),
59  mHitEffectId(hitEffectId),
60  mCriticalHitEffectId(criticalHitEffectId),
61  mMissEffectId(missEffectId),
62  mMissile()
63  {
64  mMissile.particle = missileParticle;
65  mMissile.z = missileZ;
66  mMissile.speed = missileSpeed;
67  mMissile.dieDistance = missileDieDistance;
68  mMissile.lifeTime = missileLifeTime;
69  }
int mMissEffectId
Definition: attack.h:38
MissileInfo mMissile
Definition: attack.h:39
std::string mRideAction
Definition: attack.h:34
std::string mWaterAction
Definition: attack.h:33
int mCriticalHitEffectId
Definition: attack.h:37
int mEffectId
Definition: attack.h:35
std::string mAction
Definition: attack.h:31
int mHitEffectId
Definition: attack.h:36
std::string mSkyAction
Definition: attack.h:32
std::string particle
Definition: missileinfo.h:41
float dieDistance
Definition: missileinfo.h:44
float speed
Definition: missileinfo.h:43

References MissileInfo::dieDistance, MissileInfo::lifeTime, mMissile, MissileInfo::particle, MissileInfo::speed, and MissileInfo::z.

Field Documentation

◆ mAction

std::string Attack::mAction

Definition at line 31 of file attack.h.

◆ mCriticalHitEffectId

int Attack::mCriticalHitEffectId

Definition at line 37 of file attack.h.

Referenced by BeingInfo::init().

◆ mEffectId

int Attack::mEffectId

Definition at line 35 of file attack.h.

Referenced by BeingInfo::init().

◆ mHitEffectId

int Attack::mHitEffectId

Definition at line 36 of file attack.h.

Referenced by BeingInfo::init().

◆ mMissEffectId

int Attack::mMissEffectId

Definition at line 38 of file attack.h.

Referenced by BeingInfo::init().

◆ mMissile

MissileInfo Attack::mMissile

Definition at line 39 of file attack.h.

Referenced by Attack().

◆ mRideAction

std::string Attack::mRideAction

Definition at line 34 of file attack.h.

◆ mSkyAction

std::string Attack::mSkyAction

Definition at line 32 of file attack.h.

◆ mWaterAction

std::string Attack::mWaterAction

Definition at line 33 of file attack.h.

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