Data Structures | Typedefs
map.h File Reference


#include "position.h"
#include "being/actor.h"
#include "enums/render/rendertype.h"
#include "enums/resources/map/blocktype.h"
#include "enums/resources/map/maplayerposition.h"
#include "enums/resources/map/maptype.h"
#include "listeners/configlistener.h"
#include "utils/vector.h"
#include "resources/memorycounter.h"
#include "resources/map/properties.h"

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Data Structures

class  Map
struct  Map::ParticleEffectData


typedef std::vector< Tileset * > Tilesets
typedef std::vector< MapLayer * > Layers
typedef Layers::const_iterator LayersCIter
typedef std::vector< AmbientLayer * > AmbientLayerVector
typedef AmbientLayerVector::const_iterator AmbientLayerVectorCIter
typedef AmbientLayerVector::iterator AmbientLayerVectorIter

Typedef Documentation

◆ AmbientLayerVector

typedef std::vector<AmbientLayer*> AmbientLayerVector

Definition at line 65 of file map.h.

◆ AmbientLayerVectorCIter

typedef AmbientLayerVector::const_iterator AmbientLayerVectorCIter

Definition at line 66 of file map.h.

◆ AmbientLayerVectorIter

typedef AmbientLayerVector::iterator AmbientLayerVectorIter

Definition at line 67 of file map.h.

◆ Layers

typedef std::vector<MapLayer*> Layers

Definition at line 62 of file map.h.

◆ LayersCIter

typedef Layers::const_iterator LayersCIter

Definition at line 63 of file map.h.

◆ Tilesets

typedef std::vector<Tileset*> Tilesets

Definition at line 61 of file map.h.