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particleengine.h File Reference


#include "enums/particle/particlephysics.h"
#include <list>
#include <string>
#include "localconsts.h"

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Data Structures

class  ParticleEngine


typedef std::list< Particle * > Particles
typedef Particles::iterator ParticleIterator
typedef Particles::const_iterator ParticleConstIterator
typedef std::list< ParticleEmitter * > Emitters
typedef Emitters::iterator EmitterIterator
typedef Emitters::const_iterator EmitterConstIterator



Typedef Documentation

◆ EmitterConstIterator

typedef Emitters::const_iterator EmitterConstIterator

Definition at line 45 of file particleengine.h.

◆ EmitterIterator

typedef Emitters::iterator EmitterIterator

Definition at line 44 of file particleengine.h.

◆ Emitters

typedef std::list<ParticleEmitter *> Emitters

Definition at line 43 of file particleengine.h.

◆ ParticleConstIterator

typedef Particles::const_iterator ParticleConstIterator

Definition at line 42 of file particleengine.h.

◆ ParticleIterator

typedef Particles::iterator ParticleIterator

Definition at line 41 of file particleengine.h.

◆ Particles

typedef std::list<Particle *> Particles

Definition at line 40 of file particleengine.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ particleEngine

ParticleEngine* particleEngine