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emotedb.h File Reference


#include "enums/simpletypes/skiperror.h"
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "localconsts.h"

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typedef std::map< int, EmoteInfo * > EmoteInfos
typedef std::map< int, int > EmoteToEmote
typedef EmoteInfos::iterator EmoteDB::EmoteInfosIterator


void EmoteDB::load ()
void EmoteDB::loadXmlFile (const std::string &fileName, const SkipError skipError)
void EmoteDB::loadSpecialXmlFile (const std::string &fileName, const SkipError skipError)
void EmoteDB::unload ()
const EmoteInfoEmoteDB::get (const int id, const bool allowNull)
const EmoteInfoEmoteDB::get2 (int id, const bool allowNull)
const EmoteSpriteEmoteDB::getSprite (const int id, const bool allowNull)
const int & EmoteDB::getLast () A_CONST
int EmoteDB::getIdByIndex (const int index)
int EmoteDB::size ()

Typedef Documentation

◆ EmoteInfos

typedef std::map<int, EmoteInfo*> EmoteInfos

Definition at line 36 of file emotedb.h.

◆ EmoteToEmote

typedef std::map<int, int> EmoteToEmote

Definition at line 37 of file emotedb.h.