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GuildMember Class Reference

#include <guild.h>

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Public Member Functions

const GuildgetGuild () const
int getPos () const
void setPos (const int pos)
std::string getAdditionString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Avatar
 Avatar (const std::string &name)
virtual ~Avatar ()
std::string getName () const
void setName (const std::string &name)
std::string getOriginalName () const
std::string getComplexName () const
void setOriginalName (const std::string &name)
bool getOnline () const
void setOnline (const bool online)
int getHp () const
void setHp (const int hp)
int getMaxHp () const
void setMaxHp (const int maxHp)
int getDamageHp () const
void setDamageHp (const int damageHp)
bool getDisplayBold () const
void setDisplayBold (const bool displayBold)
int getLevel () const
void setLevel (const int level)
std::string getMap () const
void setMap (const std::string &map)
int getX () const
void setX (const int x)
int getY () const
void setY (const int y)
int getType () const
void setType (const int n)
int getExp () const
void setExp (const int n)
BeingId getID () const
void setID (const BeingId id)
int getCharId () const
void setCharId (const int id)
GenderT getGender () const
void setGender (const GenderT g)
int getRace () const
void setRace (const int r)
const std::string & getIp () const
void setIp (const std::string &ip)
bool getPoison () const
void setPoison (const bool b)

Protected Member Functions

 GuildMember (Guild *const guild, const BeingId accountId, const int charId, const std::string &name)
 GuildMember (Guild *const guild, const std::string &name)

Protected Attributes

int mPos
- Protected Attributes inherited from Avatar
BeingId mId
int mCharId
std::string mName
std::string mOriginalName
int mHp
int mMaxHp
int mDamageHp
int mLevel
std::string mMap
int mX
int mY
int mType
int mExp
GenderT mGender
int mRace
std::string mIp
bool mOnline
bool mDisplayBold
bool mPoison


class Guild

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file guild.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GuildMember() [1/2]

GuildMember::GuildMember ( Guild *const  guild,
const BeingId  accountId,
const int  charId,
const std::string &  name 

Definition at line 66 of file guild.cpp.

69  :
70  Avatar(name),
71  mGuild(guild),
72  mPos(0)
73 {
74  mId = accountId;
75  mCharId = charId;
76 }
int mCharId
Definition: avatar.h:188
Avatar(const std::string &name)
Definition: avatar.cpp:28
BeingId mId
Definition: avatar.h:187
Guild * mGuild
Definition: guild.h:65
int mPos
Definition: guild.h:66
uint32_t guild

References Avatar::mCharId, and Avatar::mId.

◆ GuildMember() [2/2]

GuildMember::GuildMember ( Guild *const  guild,
const std::string &  name 

Definition at line 78 of file guild.cpp.

78  :
79  Avatar(name),
80  mGuild(guild),
81  mPos(0)
82 {
83 }

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAdditionString()

std::string GuildMember::getAdditionString ( ) const

Reimplemented from Avatar.

Definition at line 85 of file guild.cpp.

86 {
87  if (mGuild == nullptr)
88  return "";
90  return " - " + mGuild->getPos(mPos);
91 }
std::string getPos(const int id) const
Definition: guild.cpp:385

References Guild::getPos(), mGuild, and mPos.

◆ getGuild()

const Guild* GuildMember::getGuild ( ) const

Definition at line 44 of file guild.h.

45  { return mGuild; }

References mGuild.

Referenced by EAthena::GuildHandler::changeMemberPostion().

◆ getPos()

int GuildMember::getPos ( ) const

Definition at line 47 of file guild.h.

48  { return mPos; }

References mPos.

◆ setPos()

void GuildMember::setPos ( const int  pos)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ Guild

friend class Guild

Definition at line 56 of file guild.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mGuild

Guild* GuildMember::mGuild

Definition at line 65 of file guild.h.

Referenced by getAdditionString(), getGuild(), and Guild::isMember().

◆ mPos

int GuildMember::mPos

Definition at line 66 of file guild.h.

Referenced by getAdditionString(), getPos(), and setPos().

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