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actions.h File Reference


#include "localconsts.h"

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#define decHandler(name)   bool name(InputEvent &event)


bool Actions::emote (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::outfit (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::mouseClick (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::ok (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::shortcut (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::quit (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dropItem0 (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dropItem (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dropItemId (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dropItemInv (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dropItemIdAll (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dropItemInvAll (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::heal (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::healmd (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::itenplz (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::setHome (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::magicAttack (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::copyEquippedToOutfit (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::pickup (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::sit (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::screenshot (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::ignoreInput (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::talk (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::buy (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::sell (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::stopAttack (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::untarget (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::attack (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::targetAttack (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::safeVideoMode (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::stopSit (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::showKeyboard (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::showWindows (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::openTrade (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::ipcToggle (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::where (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::who (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::cleanGraphics (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::cleanFonts (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::attackHuman (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::trade (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::priceLoad (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::priceSave (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::cacheInfo (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::disconnect (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::undress (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dirs (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::uptime (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dump (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::serverIgnoreAll (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::serverUnIgnoreAll (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::error (InputEvent &event) __attribute__((noreturn))
bool Actions::dumpGraphics (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dumpEnvironment (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dumpTests (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dumpOGL (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dumpGL (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dumpMods (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::createItems (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::createItem (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::uploadConfig (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::uploadServerConfig (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::uploadLog (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::mercenaryFire (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::mercenaryToMaster (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::homunculusToMaster (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::homunculusFeed (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::useItem (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::useItemInv (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::invToStorage (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::tradeAdd (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::storageToInv (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::protectItem (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::unprotectItem (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::kick (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::clearDrop (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::testInfo (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::craftKey (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::resetGameModifiers (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::barToChat (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::seen (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::dumpMemoryUsage (InputEvent &event)
bool Actions::setEmoteType (InputEvent &event)

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#define decHandler (   name)    bool name(InputEvent &event)

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