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fsdir.cpp File Reference


#include "fs/virtfs/fsdir.h"
#include "fs/files.h"
#include "fs/mkdir.h"
#include "fs/paths.h"
#include "fs/virtfs/direntry.h"
#include "fs/virtfs/file.h"
#include "fs/virtfs/fsdirrwops.h"
#include "fs/virtfs/fsfuncs.h"
#include "fs/virtfs/list.h"
#include "utils/cast.h"
#include "utils/checkutils.h"
#include "utils/foreach.h"
#include "utils/stdmove.h"
#include "utils/stringutils.h"
#include <dirent.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include "debug.h"

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File * VirtFs::FsDir::openInternal (FsEntry *const entry, const std::string &filename, const char *mode)
File * VirtFs::FsDir::openRead (FsEntry *const entry, std::string filename)
File * VirtFs::FsDir::openWrite (FsEntry *const entry, const std::string &filename)
File * VirtFs::FsDir::openAppend (FsEntry *const entry, const std::string &filename)
void VirtFs::FsDir::deinit ()
void VirtFs::FsDir::init (const std::string &name)
void VirtFs::FsDir::initFuncs (FsFuncs *const ptr)
FsFuncs * VirtFs::FsDir::getFuncs ()
const char * VirtFs::FsDir::getBaseDir ()
const char * VirtFs::FsDir::getUserDir ()
bool VirtFs::FsDir::getRealDir (FsEntry *const entry, std::string filename, std::string dirName, std::string &realDir)
bool VirtFs::FsDir::exists (FsEntry *const entry, std::string fileName, std::string dirName)
void VirtFs::FsDir::enumerate (FsEntry *const entry, std::string dirName, StringVect &names)
bool VirtFs::FsDir::isDirectory (FsEntry *const entry, std::string dirName, bool &isDirFlag)
bool VirtFs::FsDir::isSymbolicLink (std::string name)
void VirtFs::FsDir::freeList (List *const handle)
bool VirtFs::FsDir::setWriteDir (std::string newDir)
bool VirtFs::FsDir::mkdir (std::string dirname)
bool VirtFs::FsDir::remove (std::string filename)
void VirtFs::FsDir::permitLinks (const bool val)
int VirtFs::FsDir::close (File *const file)
int64_t VirtFs::FsDir::read (File *const file, void *const buffer, const uint32_t objSize, const uint32_t objCount)
int64_t VirtFs::FsDir::write (File *const file, const void *const buffer, const uint32_t objSize, const uint32_t objCount)
int64_t VirtFs::FsDir::fileLength (File *const file)
int64_t VirtFs::FsDir::tell (File *const file)
int VirtFs::FsDir::seek (File *const file, const uint64_t pos)
int VirtFs::FsDir::eof (File *const file)
const char * VirtFs::FsDir::loadFile (FsEntry *const entry, std::string filename, int &fileSize)
void VirtFs::FsDir::getFiles (FsEntry *const entry, std::string dirName, StringVect &names)
void VirtFs::FsDir::getFilesWithDir (FsEntry *const entry, const std::string &dirName, StringVect &names)
void VirtFs::FsDir::getDirs (FsEntry *const entry, std::string dirName, StringVect &names)


const char * dirSeparator
std::string VirtFs::anonymous_namespace{fsdir.cpp}::mWriteDir
std::string VirtFs::anonymous_namespace{fsdir.cpp}::mBaseDir
std::string VirtFs::anonymous_namespace{fsdir.cpp}::mUserDir
bool VirtFs::anonymous_namespace{fsdir.cpp}::mPermitLinks = false
FsFuncs VirtFs::anonymous_namespace{fsdir.cpp}::funcs

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const char* dirSeparator

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Referenced by VirtFs::FsDir::setWriteDir().