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Ea::NpcHandler Class Reference

#include <npchandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for Ea::NpcHandler:
Net::NpcHandler EAthena::NpcHandler TmwAthena::NpcHandler

Public Member Functions

NpcDialoggetCurrentNpcDialog () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Net::NpcHandler
 NpcHandler ()
virtual ~NpcHandler ()
virtual BeingId getNpc (Net::MessageIn &msg, const NpcActionT action)=0
virtual void talk (const Being *const being) const =0
virtual void nextDialog (const BeingId npcId) const =0
virtual void closeDialog (const BeingId npcId)=0
virtual void listInput (const BeingId npcId, const unsigned char value) const =0
virtual void integerInput (const BeingId npcId, const int value) const =0
virtual void stringInput (const BeingId npcId, const std::string &value) const =0
virtual void buy (const Being *const being) const =0
virtual void buy (const BeingId beingId) const =0
virtual void sell (const BeingId beingId) const =0
virtual void buyItem (const BeingId beingId, const int itemId, const ItemColor color, const int amount) const =0
virtual void buyItems (std::vector< ShopItem * > &items) const =0
virtual void sellItem (const BeingId beingId, const int itemId, const int amount) const =0
virtual void sellItems (std::vector< ShopItem * > &items) const =0
virtual void completeProgressBar () const =0
virtual void produceMix (const int nameId, const int materialId1, const int materialId2, const int materialId3) const =0
virtual void cooking (const CookingTypeT type, const int nameId) const =0
virtual void repair (const int index) const =0
virtual void refine (const int index) const =0
virtual void identify (const int index) const =0
virtual void selectArrow (const int nameId) const =0
virtual void selectAutoSpell (const int skillId) const =0
virtual void requestAirship (const std::string &mapName, const int itemId) const =0

Protected Member Functions

 NpcHandler ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file npchandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NpcHandler()

Ea::NpcHandler::NpcHandler ( )

Definition at line 33 of file npchandler.cpp.

34 {
35  NpcRecv::mDialog = nullptr;
36  NpcRecv::mRequestLang = false;
37 }
NpcDialog * mDialog
Definition: npcrecv.cpp:42
bool mRequestLang
Definition: npcrecv.cpp:43

References Ea::NpcRecv::mDialog, and Ea::NpcRecv::mRequestLang.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCurrentNpcDialog()

NpcDialog * Ea::NpcHandler::getCurrentNpcDialog ( ) const

Implements Net::NpcHandler.

Definition at line 39 of file npchandler.cpp.

40 {
41  return NpcRecv::mDialog;
42 }

References Ea::NpcRecv::mDialog.

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