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touchmanager.h File Reference


#include "listeners/configlistener.h"
#include "enums/input/inputaction.h"
#include "gui/rect.h"
#include "utils/cast.h"
#include "utils/vector.h"
#include "localconsts.h"

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Data Structures

struct  TouchItem
class  TouchManager


typedef void(* TouchFuncPtr) (const MouseInput &mouseInput)
typedef std::vector< TouchItem * > TouchItemVector
typedef TouchItemVector::const_iterator TouchItemVectorCIter
typedef TouchItemVector::iterator TouchItemVectorIter


const int actionsSize = static_cast<int32_t> (InputAction::TOTAL)
const int buttonsCount = 12
TouchManager touchManager

Typedef Documentation

◆ TouchFuncPtr

typedef void(* TouchFuncPtr) (const MouseInput &mouseInput)

Definition at line 41 of file touchmanager.h.

◆ TouchItemVector

typedef std::vector<TouchItem*> TouchItemVector

Definition at line 98 of file touchmanager.h.

◆ TouchItemVectorCIter

typedef TouchItemVector::const_iterator TouchItemVectorCIter

Definition at line 99 of file touchmanager.h.

◆ TouchItemVectorIter

typedef TouchItemVector::iterator TouchItemVectorIter

Definition at line 100 of file touchmanager.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ actionsSize

const int actionsSize = static_cast<int32_t> (InputAction::TOTAL)

◆ buttonsCount

const int buttonsCount = 12

Definition at line 44 of file touchmanager.h.

Referenced by TouchManager::optionChanged(), and TouchManager::TouchManager().

◆ touchManager

TouchManager touchManager