Data Fields
InputActionData Struct Reference

#include <inputactiondata.h>

Data Fields

const char *const configField
const InputTypeT defaultType1
const int defaultValue1
const InputTypeT defaultType2
const int defaultValue2
const int grp
const ActionFuncPtr action
const InputActionT modKeyIndex
const int priority
const int condition
const std::string chatCommand
const UseArgs useArgs
const Protected isProtected

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file inputactiondata.h.

Field Documentation

◆ action

const ActionFuncPtr InputActionData::action

◆ chatCommand

const std::string InputActionData::chatCommand

Definition at line 48 of file inputactiondata.h.

Referenced by InputManager::addChatCommands(), and InputManager::retrieve().

◆ condition

const int InputActionData::condition

Definition at line 47 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ configField

const char* const InputActionData::configField

◆ defaultType1

const InputTypeT InputActionData::defaultType1

Definition at line 39 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ defaultType2

const InputTypeT InputActionData::defaultType2

Definition at line 41 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ defaultValue1

const int InputActionData::defaultValue1

Definition at line 40 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ defaultValue2

const int InputActionData::defaultValue2

Definition at line 42 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ grp

const int InputActionData::grp

Definition at line 43 of file inputactiondata.h.

Referenced by InputManager::hasConflicts().

◆ isProtected

const Protected InputActionData::isProtected

Definition at line 50 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ modKeyIndex

const InputActionT InputActionData::modKeyIndex

Definition at line 45 of file inputactiondata.h.

◆ priority

const int InputActionData::priority

Definition at line 46 of file inputactiondata.h.

Referenced by InputActionSortFunctor::operator()().

◆ useArgs

const UseArgs InputActionData::useArgs

Definition at line 49 of file inputactiondata.h.

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