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Catch::MessageInfo Struct Reference

#include <catch.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 MessageInfo (std::string const &_macroName, SourceLineInfo const &_lineInfo, ResultWas::OfType _type)
bool operator== (MessageInfo const &other) const
bool operator< (MessageInfo const &other) const

Data Fields

std::string macroName
SourceLineInfo lineInfo
ResultWas::OfType type
std::string message
unsigned int sequence

Static Private Attributes

static unsigned int globalCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1906 of file catch.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MessageInfo()

Catch::MessageInfo::MessageInfo ( std::string const &  _macroName,
SourceLineInfo const &  _lineInfo,
ResultWas::OfType  _type 

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

bool Catch::MessageInfo::operator< ( MessageInfo const &  other) const

Definition at line 1920 of file catch.hpp.

1920  {
1921  return sequence < other.sequence;
1922  }
unsigned int sequence
Definition: catch.hpp:1915

References sequence.

◆ operator==()

bool Catch::MessageInfo::operator== ( MessageInfo const &  other) const

Definition at line 1917 of file catch.hpp.

1917  {
1918  return sequence == other.sequence;
1919  }

References sequence.

Field Documentation

◆ globalCount

unsigned int Catch::MessageInfo::globalCount

Definition at line 1924 of file catch.hpp.

◆ lineInfo

SourceLineInfo Catch::MessageInfo::lineInfo

Definition at line 1912 of file catch.hpp.

◆ macroName

std::string Catch::MessageInfo::macroName

Definition at line 1911 of file catch.hpp.

◆ message

std::string Catch::MessageInfo::message

Definition at line 1914 of file catch.hpp.

◆ sequence

unsigned int Catch::MessageInfo::sequence

Definition at line 1915 of file catch.hpp.

Referenced by operator<(), and operator==().

◆ type

ResultWas::OfType Catch::MessageInfo::type

Definition at line 1913 of file catch.hpp.

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