anonymous_namespace{badgesdb.cpp} Namespace Reference


BadgesInfos mGuilds
BadgesInfos mNames
BadgesInfos mParties
BadgesInfos mClans
bool mLoaded = false

Variable Documentation

◆ mClans

BadgesInfos anonymous_namespace{badgesdb.cpp}::mClans

Definition at line 39 of file badgesdb.cpp.

Referenced by BadgesDB::getClanBadge(), BadgesDB::load(), and BadgesDB::unload().

◆ mGuilds

BadgesInfos anonymous_namespace{badgesdb.cpp}::mGuilds

◆ mLoaded

bool anonymous_namespace{badgesdb.cpp}::mLoaded = false

Definition at line 40 of file badgesdb.cpp.

Referenced by BadgesDB::load(), and BadgesDB::unload().

◆ mNames

BadgesInfos anonymous_namespace{badgesdb.cpp}::mNames

Definition at line 37 of file badgesdb.cpp.

Referenced by BadgesDB::getNameBadge(), BadgesDB::load(), and BadgesDB::unload().

◆ mParties

BadgesInfos anonymous_namespace{badgesdb.cpp}::mParties

Definition at line 38 of file badgesdb.cpp.

Referenced by BadgesDB::getPartyBadge(), BadgesDB::load(), and BadgesDB::unload().