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InputEvent Struct Reference

#include <inputevent.h>

Public Member Functions

 InputEvent (const InputActionT action0, const int mask0)
 InputEvent (const std::string &args0, ChatTab *const tab0, const int mask0)

Data Fields

const std::string args
ChatTab *const tab
const InputActionT action
const int mask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file inputevent.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InputEvent() [1/2]

InputEvent::InputEvent ( const InputActionT  action0,
const int  mask0 

Definition at line 51 of file inputevent.h.

52  :
53  args(),
54  tab(nullptr),
55  action(action0),
56  mask(mask0)
57  { }
const int mask
Definition: inputevent.h:73
ChatTab *const tab
Definition: inputevent.h:71
const std::string args
Definition: inputevent.h:70
const InputActionT action
Definition: inputevent.h:72

◆ InputEvent() [2/2]

InputEvent::InputEvent ( const std::string &  args0,
ChatTab *const  tab0,
const int  mask0 

Definition at line 59 of file inputevent.h.

61  :
62  args(args0),
63  tab(tab0),
65  mask(mask0)
66  { }

Field Documentation

◆ action

const InputActionT InputEvent::action

Definition at line 72 of file inputevent.h.

◆ args

const std::string InputEvent::args

Definition at line 70 of file inputevent.h.

Referenced by Actions::getAmountFromEvent(), and Actions::reportRelation().

◆ mask

const int InputEvent::mask

Definition at line 73 of file inputevent.h.

◆ tab

ChatTab* const InputEvent::tab

Definition at line 71 of file inputevent.h.

Referenced by Actions::changeRelation(), Actions::getNick(), and Actions::reportRelation().

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