anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp} Namespace Reference


ItemDB::ItemInfos mItemInfos
ItemDB::NamedItemInfos mNamedItemInfos
ItemInfomUnknown = 0
bool mLoaded = false
bool mConstructed = false
StringVect mTagNames
StringIntMap mTags
std::map< std::string, ItemSoundEvent::TypemSoundNames
int mNumberOfHairstyles = 1

Variable Documentation

◆ mConstructed

bool anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mConstructed = false

Definition at line 62 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by initStatic(), and ItemDB::load().

◆ mItemInfos

ItemDB::ItemInfos anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mItemInfos

◆ mLoaded

bool anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mLoaded = false

◆ mNamedItemInfos

ItemDB::NamedItemInfos anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mNamedItemInfos

Definition at line 59 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by ItemDB::exists(), ItemDB::get(), ItemDB::loadXmlFile(), and ItemDB::unload().

◆ mNumberOfHairstyles

int anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mNumberOfHairstyles = 1

Definition at line 66 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by ItemDB::getNumOfHairstyles(), and ItemDB::load().

◆ mSoundNames

std::map<std::string, ItemSoundEvent::Type> anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mSoundNames

Definition at line 65 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by initStatic(), and loadSoundRef().

◆ mTagNames

StringVect anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mTagNames

Definition at line 63 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by ItemDB::getTags(), ItemDB::load(), ItemDB::loadXmlFile(), and ItemDB::unload().

◆ mTags

StringIntMap anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mTags

Definition at line 64 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by ItemDB::getTagId(), ItemDB::load(), ItemDB::loadXmlFile(), and ItemDB::unload().

◆ mUnknown

ItemInfo* anonymous_namespace{itemdb.cpp}::mUnknown = 0

Definition at line 60 of file itemdb.cpp.

Referenced by ItemDB::get(), ItemDB::getEmpty(), ItemDB::load(), and ItemDB::unload().