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KeyListener Class Reference

#include <keylistener.h>

Inheritance diagram for KeyListener:
Button CharCreateDialog CharSelectDialog ChatWindow CheckBox DropDown EditServerDialog GuiTable InventoryWindow ItemAmountWindow ItemContainer ListBox LoginDialog QuitDialog RadioButton RegisterDialog ServerDialog Setup_Video Slider TabbedArea TextBox TextField UpdaterWindow WorldSelectDialog

Public Member Functions

virtual ~KeyListener ()
virtual void keyPressed (KeyEvent &event)
virtual void keyReleased (KeyEvent &event)

Protected Member Functions

 KeyListener ()

Detailed Description

Interface for listening for key events from widgets.

See also
Widget::addKeyListener, Widget::removeKeyListener

Definition at line 78 of file keylistener.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~KeyListener()

virtual KeyListener::~KeyListener ( )


Definition at line 86 of file keylistener.h.

87  { }

◆ KeyListener()

KeyListener::KeyListener ( )


You should not be able to make an instance of KeyListener, therefore its constructor is protected.

Definition at line 114 of file keylistener.h.

115  { }

Member Function Documentation

◆ keyPressed()

virtual void KeyListener::keyPressed ( KeyEvent event)

Called if a key is pressed when the widget has keyboard focus. If a key is held down the widget will generate multiple key presses.

eventDiscribes the event.

Reimplemented in TabbedArea, Button, TextField, Slider, ChatWindow, CheckBox, RadioButton, GuiTable, ListBox, UpdaterWindow, TextBox, InventoryWindow, DropDown, ServerDialog, CharCreateDialog, ItemContainer, IntTextField, LoginDialog, RegisterDialog, CharSelectDialog, WorldSelectDialog, EditServerDialog, and QuitDialog.

Definition at line 96 of file keylistener.h.

97  { }

◆ keyReleased()

virtual void KeyListener::keyReleased ( KeyEvent event)

Called if a key is released when the widget has keyboard focus.

eventDiscribes the event.

Reimplemented in Button, InventoryWindow, ItemContainer, and ItemAmountWindow.

Definition at line 104 of file keylistener.h.

105  { }

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