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FindBeingEqualFunctor Class Reference

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bool operator() (const Being *const being) const

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Definition at line 114 of file actormanager.cpp.

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◆ operator()()

bool FindBeingEqualFunctor::operator() ( const Being *const  being) const

Definition at line 119 of file actormanager.cpp.

120  {
121  if ((being == nullptr) || (findBeing == nullptr))
122  return false;
123  return being->getId() == findBeing->getId();
124  }
BeingId getId() const
Definition: actorsprite.h:64

References findBeing, and ActorSprite::getId().

Field Documentation

◆ findBeing

Being* FindBeingEqualFunctor::findBeing

Definition at line 126 of file actormanager.cpp.

Referenced by ActorManager::findNearestLivingBeing(), and operator()().

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