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windowmanager.h File Reference


#include "localconsts.h"

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void WindowManager::init ()
bool WindowManager::getIsMinimized ()
void WindowManager::setIsMinimized (const bool n)
void WindowManager::newChatMessage ()
bool WindowManager::isKeyboardVisible ()
void WindowManager::setFramerate (const unsigned int fpsLimit)
int WindowManager::getFramerate ()
void WindowManager::applyGrabMode ()
void WindowManager::applyGamma ()
void WindowManager::applyVSync ()
void WindowManager::applyKeyRepeat ()
void WindowManager::doResizeVideo (const int actualWidth, const int actualHeight, const bool always)
void WindowManager::resizeVideo (int actualWidth, int actualHeight, const bool always)
bool WindowManager::setFullScreen (const bool fs)
void WindowManager::applyScale ()
void WindowManager::updateScreenKeyboard (const int height)
void WindowManager::reloadWallpaper ()
void WindowManager::createWindows ()
void WindowManager::deleteWindows ()
void WindowManager::initTitle ()
void WindowManager::setIcon ()
void WindowManager::deleteIcon ()
void WindowManager::updateTitle ()
void WindowManager::createValidateWindows ()
void WindowManager::deleteValidateWindows ()