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sdltcpnet.h File Reference


#include "localconsts.h"
#include <SDL_net.h>

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typedef ::SDLNet_SocketSet TcpNet::SocketSet
typedef ::TCPsocket TcpNet::Socket


void TcpNet::init ()
void TcpNet::quit ()
void TcpNet::closeSocket (const TcpNet::Socket socket)
int TcpNet::send (const TcpNet::Socket sock, const void *const data, const int len)
const char * TcpNet::getError ()
int TcpNet::resolveHost (IPaddress *const address, const char *const host, const Uint16 port)
TcpNet::Socket TcpNet::open (IPaddress *const ip)
SocketSet TcpNet::allocSocketSet (const int maxsockets)
int TcpNet::addSocket (const TcpNet::SocketSet set, const TcpNet::Socket sock)
int TcpNet::socketReady (const TcpNet::Socket sock)
int TcpNet::checkSockets (const TcpNet::SocketSet set, const Uint32 timeout)
int TcpNet::recv (const TcpNet::Socket sock, void *const data, const int maxlen)
int TcpNet::delSocket (const TcpNet::SocketSet set, const TcpNet::Socket sock)
void TcpNet::freeSocketSet (const TcpNet::SocketSet set)
TcpNet::Socket TcpNet::accept (const TcpNet::Socket sock)