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sdlhelper.h File Reference


#include "utils/stringvector.h"
#include "localconsts.h"
#include <SDL_thread.h>

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bool SDL::getAllVideoModes (StringVect &modeList)
void SDL::SetWindowTitle (const SDL_Surface *const window, const char *const title)
void SDL::SetWindowIcon (const SDL_Surface *const window, SDL_Surface *const icon)
void SDL::grabInput (const SDL_Surface *const window, const bool grab)
void SDL::setGamma (const SDL_Surface *const window, const float gamma)
void SDL::setVsync (const int val)
bool SDL::getWindowWMInfo (const SDL_Surface *const window, SDL_SysWMinfo *const info)
SDL_Thread * SDL::createThread (int(*fn)(void *), const char *const name, void *const data)
void * SDL::createGLContext (SDL_Surface *const window, const int major, const int minor, const int profile)
void SDL::makeCurrentContext (void *const context)
void SDL::initLogger ()
void SDL::setLogLevel (const int level)
void SDL::WaitThread (SDL_Thread *const thread)
bool SDL::PollEvent (SDL_Event *event)
void SDL::allowScreenSaver (const bool allow)