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1 /*
2  * The ManaPlus Client
3  * Copyright (C) 2004-2009 The Mana World Development Team
4  * Copyright (C) 2009-2010 The Mana Developers
5  * Copyright (C) 2011-2019 The ManaPlus Developers
6  * Copyright (C) 2019-2021 Andrei Karas
7  *
8  * This file is part of The ManaPlus Client.
9  *
10  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
11  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
12  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
13  * any later version.
14  *
15  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
16  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
18  * GNU General Public License for more details.
19  *
20  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
21  * along with this program. If not, see <>.
22  */
27 #include "enums/net/beingtype.h"
33 #if defined(__GXX_EXPERIMENTAL_CXX0X__)
34 #if defined(__APPLE__)
35 #include <tr1/cstdint>
36 #endif // defined(__APPLE__)
37 #endif // defined(__GXX_EXPERIMENTAL_CXX0X__)
39 #include "localconsts.h"
41 namespace Net
42 {
43  class MessageIn;
44 } // namespace Net
46 class Being;
48 namespace EAthena
49 {
50  namespace BeingRecv
51  {
73  Being *const dstBeing,
74  const uint8_t type,
75  const int id,
76  const int id2,
77  const int *const cards)
78  A_NONNULL(2);
126  const BeingId id,
127  const int32_t job,
128  const BeingTypeT beingType);
130  Being *const being,
131  const uint8_t type);
133  const BeingId srcId,
134  const BeingId dstId,
135  const int dstX,
136  const int dstY,
137  const int skillId,
138  const int skillLevel,
139  const int range,
140  const SkillType2::SkillType2 inf2,
141  const int castTime);
142  } // namespace BeingRecv
143 } // namespace EAthena
int BeingId
Definition: beingid.h:30
BeingType ::T BeingTypeT
Definition: beingtype.h:41
Definition: being.h:96
#define A_NONNULL(...)
Definition: localconsts.h:168
bool msg(InputEvent &event)
Definition: chat.cpp:39
void processBeingChangeLook2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:200
void processSkillCasting3(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1045
void processBeingFont(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2082
void processPlayerGuilPartyInfo(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1750
void processBossMapInfo(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2068
void processSkillGroundNoDamage(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1559
void processMobInfo(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1913
void processBeingAction2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1238
void processNavigateTo(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2382
void processBeingChangeDirection(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1463
void processBeingChangeLookContinue(const Net::MessageIn &msg, Being *const dstBeing, const uint8_t type, const int id, const int id2, const int *const cards)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:263
void processSpiritBalls(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1994
void processPlayerStatusChange(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1599
void processPvpSet(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2174
void processSkillCastingEvol(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1067
void processNameResponseTitle(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1692
void processBeingSlide(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2029
void processBeingSpecialEffectNum(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1539
void processSkillAutoCast(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1379
void processSkillDamage(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2350
void processNameResponse2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2189
void processMapTypeProperty(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:976
void processBeingStatUpdate1(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1867
void processBeingSoundEffect(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1549
Being * createBeing2(Net::MessageIn &msg, const BeingId id, const int32_t job, const BeingTypeT beingType)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2236
void processStarsKill(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2051
void processPkRanksList(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1453
void processSkillEntry(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1570
void processComboDelay(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2014
void processBeingMilleniumShield(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2090
void processAlchemistRanksList(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1433
void applyPlayerAction(Net::MessageIn &msg, Being *const being, const uint8_t type)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2397
void processBeingViewEquipment2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2141
void processBeingRemoveSkill(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1820
void processBeingVisible(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:419
void processBlacksmithRanksList(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1423
void processGraffiti(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2328
void processSkillCasting2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1024
void processMonsterInfo(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1971
void processSkillCasting(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1004
void processSkillCancel(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2303
void processBeingFakeName(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1831
void processBeingCharm(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2099
void processWddingEffect(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2022
void processBeingResurrect(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1656
void processPlayerGuilPartyInfo2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1784
void processBeingHatEffects(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1525
void processTaekwonRanksList(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1443
void processSkillCastingContinue(Net::MessageIn &msg, const BeingId srcId, const BeingId dstId, const int dstX, const int dstY, const int skillId, const int skillLevel, const int range, const SkillType2::SkillType2 inf2, const int castTime)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1093
void processBeingSpecialEffect(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1492
void processBeingMove(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:606
void processBeingViewEquipment(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2108
void processBeingStatusChange(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1156
void processPlayerStatusChange2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1638
void processRanksList2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1411
void processBeingRemoveSpecialEffect(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1518
void processBeingChangeLookCards(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:220
void processBeingMove2(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1189
void processMonsterHp(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1364
void processBeingSpawn(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:803
void processBeingAttrs(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1927
void processBeingHp(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1339
void processMapType(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:995
void processBladeStop(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2005
void processClassChange(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1985
void processSolveCharName(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2308
void processRanksList1(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1397
void processBeingSelfEffect(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:1887
void processGladiatorFeelRequest(Net::MessageIn &msg)
Definition: beingrecv.cpp:2061